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SCADA is "Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition,“ an automatized development tool to be applied to monitoring and controlling all automatized sites with software, developed based on Window to monitor and control social infrastructure such as power plants, railways, and ports or industrial control system which controls factories in industries.

Also, it is software to monitor and control status of each machine and measurement value / set value by installing a computer or workstation connected to automatized machines(PLC/Controller) at the site.

It is largely indicated a centered system which monitor and control specific industrial site or the whole industry complex which is geographically spread wide.

Application Field

  • Machinery Equipment Automation
  • Flow monitoring
  • Production Control System
  • Warehouse Automation
  • Control Measurement System Development


SCADA system is generally composed of the following components.

  • Human-Machine Interface, HMI :
    It is a device to show data used for machine control, conversing it to form which is familiar to human. Manager monitors and control the relevant process through this.
  • Monitoring(Computer) System :
    This collects data relating to process and deliver practical order to control hardware.
  • Remote Terminal Unit, RTU :
    This is directly connected to sensor which is installed at the process. It mutually converses signals from this to recognizable digital data, and send the data to a monitoring system.
  • Programmable Logic Controller, PLC :
    This is a device, in effect disposed at the site, and can be used more economically and for mulita-purposes than Remote Terminal Unit(RTU) which is designed for specific purposes
  • Communication Facilities :
    It makes remoted elements communicate such as control system, RTU, etc. with each other. Multi-process and Analytical device.


Network Diagram

Key Functions and Features

Automation Development Tool using at Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/8.1/10.

  • Realistic monitoring on the site through Animation Graphic Object (animation library provided).
  • Possible to connect Computer : PLC(Controller) 1:1 ~ 256 with a package.
  • Share each other’s data fully communicating mutually with all the autobase programs connected to local network or internet
  • Smooth monitoring/control on more than 100 thousand tags from one computer
    (systemically capable of 4Giga tags. Recommend under 200 thousand tag)
  • Able to conveniently monitor/control the site online by using webserver
  • Support various communication instruments.
    (RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, GP-IB, Embedded Card, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, DDE, OPC, ODBC,OLEDB, USB)
  • Able to simply establish decentralized control system(DCS) when each computer is composed of network.
  • Functions of Real-time Trend and Historical Multi-Trend
  • Include all sorts of development tool(Graphic, Report Editor, Animation, Tag Editor, Communication Editor, Picture Library)
  • Support script language in C/C++ (support each script by objects)
  • Able to share external database and data using ODBC/OLEDB
  • All sorts of control block(Demand control, Annual schedule control)


SCADA supports various communication methods and constitute the best monitor and control system at any site responding flexibly to user’s various environments.