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Basic Information

EnMS(Energy Management System) means internationally certified standardized energy management technique which continuously pushes ahead activities to improve energy efficiency where the whole members of an organization centered around CEO in order for a company to reduce production costs. It is the next generation system to protect the environment and improve company’s production costs through post management, achieving results through company-wide and scientific energy reduction and efficiency improvement.

In addition, energy user or energy supplier set forth a management objectives to improve energy use efficiency. In order to achieve this, it is a management activity system to manage human resource and material resource through regular procedures and methods.

Necessity and Anticipated Effects

Enterprise in need and Tasks to Improve

  • ‘Management enterprise for management by objectives’ is primarily necessary
  • ’Manufacturing enterprise’ – consumes huge amount of energy
  • Enterprise which perform reduction of energy based on energy management system. For enterprise with expenditure on energy costs, 300 million to 500 million won per annum, it is necessary to primarily examine establishment