Environment & SafetySincerely thank you for your visiting our webpage, ITS CO.,LTD.


research and develop solutions relating to environment and safety, and apply them on the site.
Our solution focuses on mechanical, economical, personal safety and environmental protection for human being, machinery and environment.

Basic Information

  1. First, Mechanical Safety
    We strictly apply obtained expertise on safety technology to requirements of general control work.
    We provide solutions conforming to safety and standards for users without extra work or extra charge.
  2. Second, Personal Safety
    We strive to provide the safe working environment for staff and employees, our most valuable assets, hoping that they can work without any injury.
    We provide not only plants and mechanical safe service but also safe components and systems.
    Our individual consulting, flexible and reliable service, emphasizes close relationship with customers.
  3. Third, Economical Safety
    Solutions based on innovative automation technology and individual concept of safety increase operating rate of plants and other machines.
    As a result, production cycles turns efficient and profit will be created.
    Time and costs will be saved as suitable control technology relating to safety and typical control technology will make synergy effect.
    Our system solution can be expanded and flexible, and efficient production will be guaranteed for several years by investing the relevant solution.
  4. Fourth, Environmental Protection
    We, ITS CO.,LTD, are the company who think about the environment.
    We research and develop solutions for the environment and apply them on the site.
    We enhance comprehension of staff and employees on quality, safety and environmental protection by education and constant exchanges of information.

Applied Fields