CEO's GreetingsSincerely thank you for your visiting our webpage, ITS CO.,LTD.

Welcome to ITS CO.,LTD.

Our company has developed based upon the following business:
WINDOWBASE S/W Development, MICOM Application, H/W S/W Development Performance Test, Data Analysis, Monitoring and Analysis on Production Status, Noise and Vibration Vision Analysis Control, Electricity/Gas/Air/Steam/Water Energy Monitoring SCADA (iFIX,LabVIEW,INTOUCH), HMI(CIMON,AUTOBASE) Development Statistical Quality Management & Real-time SPC PROGRAM Electronic Display, Status Board, PLC System Installation

We have business relations with Hyundai Motor, Samsung Electronics, GM Daewoo, Samyang Genex, Hyundai Heavy Industries, etc. We consider credibility with customers the first virtue and establish a vision, “Success comes after your endeavor with all your sincere heart.” We provide the delight and joyful working environment for our staff and employees keeping this vision in mind.

We, ITS CO.,LTD. always suggest establishing accurate and perfect system equipped with new technology and young ideas which never stops in fields of electronics, industrial automation, Information and Communication, and offer to customers “Low Cost, High Tech.” Also ITS CO.,LTD. endeavors to make ourselves a young, energetic and reliable company in harmonization with efforts and technology pursuant to enterprise spirit, that is Love, Friendship and Humanity.

CEO Lee, Youngkyu